Saturday, June 28, 2008


Oh, Chuck, what have you done. Here I am, defending your last two books (which still remain my favorites), and you disappoint me. Snuff seems like only a sketch of what your other books are.

Snuff tells the story of porn star Cassie Wright, who wants to break records by being filmed with 600 men in one day. It will be her crowning achievement, and perhaps the definitive film in the genre. The story is told by three of the gentlemen (Mr. 72, Mr. 137, and Mr. 600), as well as Wright's (female) assistant. Unfortunately, unlike most of of Palahniuk's characters before this, the characters seemed one-dimensional in their quirkiness.


Nymeth said...

It's too bad this one was a disappointment.

Dewey said...

Good old Chuck sort of lost me two or three books ago. I was wondering about this one, though, and am disappointed to hear it isn't worth reading, although I also appreciate the time you've saved me! Because I won't bother with it, I don't think.

Pam said...

Ha, Dewey, it's those last two books that I love!